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Jungle Book

Circle Mirror Transformation












Jungle Book

In the Fahs Room at UUSS

By Rudyard Kipling, Adapted by Vera Morris

Directed by Jill McMahon

Watch Mowgli (Alex DeNuzzo), the jungle boy raised by wolves,

As he cavorts with and learns from his friends

Baloo the friendly bear (Jerold McFatter),

Bagheera the panther (Ritwika Ghosal),

Kaa the python (Monique McKisson),

Riki-Tiki-Tavi the mongoose (Laurie Jones), and

Queen Monkey (Elizabeth Anne Springett).


Will they vanquish the cunning and dangerous tiger,

Shere Khan (Ron Galbreath),

and his loyal henchman

Tabaqui the jackal (David Paul)?


Narrated by Nira  (Susan Madden)

Circle Mirror Transformation

By Annie Baker

Directed by Mike Erwin

When four lost New Englanders who enroll in Marty's six-week-long community-center drama class begin to experiment with harmless games, hearts are quietly torn apart, and tiny wars of epic proportions are waged and won. A beautifully crafted diorama, a petri dish in which we see, with hilarious detail and clarity, the antic sadness of a motley quintet.

"Annie Baker's play is an absolute feast. CIRCLE MIRROR TRANSFORMATION is the kind of unheralded gem that sends people into the streets babbling and bright-eyed with the desire to spread the word. The play traces the lives of a handful of small-town Vermont residents who gather each week for an acting class taught at the local community center. By the play's end we seem to see to the very bottom of these souls, and feel how the artificial intimacy of the acting class has shaped their lives in substantial ways.”  —NY Times.

In the Fahs Room at UUSS

Tickets & Times

Jungle Book

May 2 - 30, 2015

11 a.m.  Saturday, May 2

2 p.m.  Saturday, May 2


11 a.m.  Saturday, May 9

2 p.m.  Saturday, May 9


11 a.m.  Saturday, May 16

2 p.m.  Saturday, May 16


11 a.m.  Saturday, May 23

2 p.m.  Saturday, May 23


11 a.m.  Saturday, May 30

2 p.m.  Saturday, May 30


Tickets: $5

Phone: (916) 524-1032



Circle Mirror


May 8 - 30, 2015

8 p.m.  Friday, May 8

8 p.m.  Saturday, May 9

2 p.m.  Sunday, May 10


8 p.m.  Friday, May 15

8 p.m.  Saturday, May 16

2 p.m.  Sunday, May 17


8 p.m.  Friday, May 22

8 p.m.  Saturday, May 23

2 p.m.  Sunday, May 24


8 p.m.  Friday, May 29

8 p.m.  Saturday, May 30



$15 General

$12 Students, Seniors, SARTA

Phone: (916) 489-4248

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